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Rhythm and Frequency - Key to Results

The specific rhythm and frequency of your adjustment schedule is the MOST important factor in determining your results. Once a proper examination has been completed I base my recommendations for care on two things, your goals and my objective findings.

We know that healing is a process that takes time. And just like getting braces for your teeth it requires regular adjustments. Your spine needs to be stimulated regularly to affect a change. Quite often by the time a symptom has arisen, the underlying problem has been there causing damage to the spine and delicate tissue surrounding it for months, years or even decades. Eventually the body can no longer adapt and that’s when symptoms occur. In order to affect a long term change there has to be constant stimulus – you have the power to determine that input. Will you continue engaging in bad habits or change your lifestyle?

Why rhythm and frequency of care is important:

1. Neuroplastic change (formation of neural pathways)

2. Prevent further spinal degeneration

3. Re-train the spine to hold the adjustment and change spatial positioning (body awareness)

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