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Quieten the Mind and Find Ease

Multi-tasking may be an efficient way to work, but is it good for our general well-being? Franceska Jordan, Director AM at The Golda Institute, answers this question and more as our guest blogger for Mindful in May.

Slow down, breathe and be mindful.

The fast pace of life with constant interruptions from texts, immediate response mobile phones and emails, is convenient and can be efficient work modes. However, what does this do to our brains? Research shows that multi-skilling is very stressful for the brain and often is less effective and efficient for our life.

Where do we start with mindfulness? The beginning of the day is a good place to start to take a considered approach to our day. Mindfulness is simply doing one activity at a time and focus just on that. So when you get up and make your tea or coffee, take three to five minutes, sit, drink and enjoy it. Don’t do any other tasks at the same time.

Breathing exercise: A five to ten minute meditation breathing exercise is a way to calm your mind by reducing and ceasing multiple thoughts and to do lists. Focus on the tip of your nose and observe the flow of air in and out. As you breathe out count ‘one’, in your mind silently, then the next breathe out count ‘two’ and so on. Aim to reach count ‘four’ as a start and slowly increase. Don’t focus on anything else but counting. Concentrate on your nostrils and stay awake with eyes closed.

Working with the Vagus nerve, a major nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system – functionally it connects our brain to our body. It is a cranial nerve and it goes directly to the heart, but it also goes to many different organs. The vagus is involved in the regulation of all biological processes, like digestion, reducing anxiety and panic attacks.

Breathing excercise: Check your lung capacity and whether you can count to three, four or five, in breaths. It’s good to start with three or four breaths in and then slow down the out breath so you are breathing out to a count of 6 for 3 in breaths, 8 for 4 or 10 for 5 breaths.

Everything we say and do arises from our thoughts. Every skilful action makes a better world. Every time we cherish others we cherish ourselves and we find meaning through change and anything is then possible. These 16 guidelines for life assist in being connected with our universe and all those in it. Chose a guideline to focus on for a day:-















Right Speech

Courage, you show courage in your life by being optimistic.

Franceska Jordan

AM Director

The Golda Institute

20/261 Given Tce

Level 1 Paddington

Phone 32898384

Mobile 0429 055 088

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