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10 Tips for a Healthier YOU

Dr. Brian Johnson, an expert in wellness, shares his tips to achieve optimum overall health (physically and mentally). To look and feel your best for life, take the doc’s advice and start putting these tips into action today.

  1. Don’t “Diet”, form a “Healthstyle” instead. By creating a lifestyle around healthy choices and habits on a daily basis you will reduce your risk of disease and increase your quality of life.
  2. Make every health choice based on what your body (as a Homo sapien) genetically requires to express health. Learn to listen to what YOUR body needs.
  3. Eat real food that is as fresh as possible and the highest quality you can budget for. Aim to increase your intake of vegetables. Eliminate all processed, junk and fast food. Don’t forget to drink at least 2L of water a day.
  4. SLEEP!  Get plenty of sleep (7-9 hours/day). Sleep reduces stress levels, helps maintain healthy weight, sharpen attention, improves memory and allows the body to heal and repair (e.g. heart and blood vessels).
  5. Move every day, multiple times a day. Many people today sit during their daily commute, sit all day at work, sit in front of the TV and sit some more at their home computers. Our bodies are not built for sitting all day long. Sitting for prolonged periods of time actually decreases your life expectancy.
  6. Have at least 2 sessions per week of intensive exercise or weight training. Not only will you increase your strength and fitness, have a healthier heart and more energy on a daily basis but these movements elicit important hormone responses.  This includes activating cortisol and insulin and therefore reducing stress and risk of diabetes/obesity, respectively.
  7. Practice mindfulness (prayer, meditation, imagery, etc.) and employ an attitude of gratitude. Try a gratitude journal such as The 5 Minute Journal.
  8. Contribute to something larger than yourself, find YOUR Soul Purpose.
  9. Cultivate and foster healthy relationships. Try to remove yourself as much as possible from toxic friendships and relationships.
  10. Ensure your spine and nervous system are clear and connected. Get checked by a qualified Chiropractor.


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